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Thought I'd add a bit about myself. I've lived in Suffolk for the last 12 years, prior to that I am a born and bred Essex girl! I grew up in the world of dance, I was a teacher and had my own dance studio until 14 years ago when I retired. I'm now a healthcare assistant in our local private hospital. I've always taken my camera everywhere and enjoyed just snapping pictures as I go. I've now decided, literally since having a decent camera for Christmas, that I want to be able to take a good picture. I have had a 1 day lesson locally, and now watching endless YouTube tutorials. Slowly getting the hang of shutter speeds, apertures, iso and so on.
I am at the very start of a long journey! But...... enjoying it immensely, especially this site! Learning lots from some amazing photographers on here! I have a very arty background, so I'm hoping it will gradually all come together!