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Year 2018
This community is phenomenal. The support is so positive and I have "met" many lovely people. I appreciate your views and any comments. After a year of shooting, I love the feel of a camera in my hand every day and enjoy keeping my eye open for an interesting subject or point of view. I "almost" made it a straight 365 last year. This year, if there is a choice of taking a 365 shot or getting some needed sleep, I will opt for sleep. My family and coworkers will thank me . Thanks to each who view, comment or happen to fav a shot. YOU are the true 365er's and are the ones who encourage us all to improve,

Year 2017:
I am looking forward to the 365 day challenge. My goals are to improve my camera skills, to get sharper images and to compose better. I want to learn and improve!

The process of getting a great shot can be exhilarating! This is an inspiring forum. Looking forward to a great year.