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January 15, 2022

This is such a wonderful community that inspires with positivity and encouragement. It is a pleasure to come back after being gone and see familiar names.

I completed 2017 and 2018 but didn't continue my 365 the past two years,. They say that the third time is a charm. Wish me luck! I know after completing 2017and 2018 that I need to have camera in hand, be on alert, and then find something to inspire me and shoot! So many shots I took while doing 365 would not have occurred without this challenge. I look forward to seeing your images and sharing this journey with you.

Thanks to all who view my shots and or share their work!

January 1, 2021
A New Year. Looking forward to being inspired and educated by this great community again.

June 1,2019
After taking a “leave of absence” since last fall, I have found I missed the community inspiring posts/challenges as well as the discipline of daily shooting. Thanks to all who offer encouraging words! You are what makes this site so much fun!

Year 2018
This community is phenomenal. The support is so positive and I have "met" many lovely people. I appreciate your views and any comments. After a year of shooting, I love the feel of a camera in my hand every day and enjoy keeping my eye open for an interesting subject or point of view. I "almost" made it a straight 365 last year. This year, if there is a choice of taking a 365 shot or getting some needed sleep, I will opt for sleep. My family and coworkers will thank me . Thanks to each who view, comment or happen to fav a shot. YOU are the true 365er's and are the ones who encourage us all to improve,

Year 2017:
I am looking forward to the 365 day challenge. My goals are to improve my camera skills, to get sharper images and to compose better. I want to learn and improve!

The process of getting a great shot can be exhilarating! This is an inspiring forum. Looking forward to a great year!

December 13, 2018
Thank you all so much for your support these past years. You know that scene in Forest Gump where he has been running for years and just stops . . . Well, I feel like I have come to that point in 365.org. I never thought I’d get through a month yet posted 670 times within 2 years. I learned a lot, was amazed by the positive and kind support on this site and wish thank all who viewed, liked and commented on my page! Whether this be a break or a permanent ending, thanks to all and “Happy Shooting,”