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11/01/18 - With my 5th year coming to an end this month, I am thinking of making a few changes. The first is I will be posting in the morning instead of the evening. Most of you know I am a morning person. So, if I plan a morning photo ride I will wait till I get back to post. Also, when life gets busy I will allow myself to skip a day. I want to take more time perfecting my pictures rather than trying to get pictures to post. I also want to change my commenting. I now try to post on most everyone who appears in my feed. I limit my post to one word for speed. But also because I find it hard to describe what I like. But I think I will spend time on one or two photos to understand what I like because I believe understanding this can help me improve my photography. But I am a creature of habit so not sure how successful I will be in changing my 365 habits. Most important to me is all of you.