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11/27/17- Day 2 of year 5. First a couple of quick things. I live in Southern Maine and I am semi-retired. I am totally addicted to 365 and all the comments and favs you give me. I try to look at all the pictures in my feed everyday. But I am not an excellent person with comments. I am a slow typist and a slow reader. I know what I like but to give you a full description of why- not so good at. But I try to leave as many of my one word or few words comments so you know I was there and appreciate you project. One important thing - if you post multiply pictures in one day I am likely only to comment on one. If I have commented and find another great shot then I might hit the fav button.

I actually love to take pictures to use in my digital scrapping and I love learning more about taking photos. Lastly I love editing and use several programs to try to make my pictures a tad bit better.

So if you leave a comment or hit the fav star then know you have made my day. And hopefully when I comment or fav you it makes you happy too.
My get-pushed pictures which I have been participating in for almost as long as I have been here and you can find them by looking up the tag jrgp.