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07/25/17 Just wanted to let my get-pushed partners know I am doing a little better and do now get out of the car for some pictures. Just don't give me anything were I have to get down in a squat or on the ground - just can't do. Call me the car photographer. 90% of my photos are taken from an open car window when I pull my car off the road. I try to tag most of my get-pushed with the tag JRGP so if you know how to look up by tag you should see there.

If you are new be aware I am not the greatest commenter. But I try to look at all the pictures in my feed and to leave at least a one word comment. I want to say I don't usually comment on more than one of your photos daily and I seldom comment on creepy crawlies, water crowns and moon pics>

I am semi-retired and love putting my photos into digital scrapbook pages. I am a widower who has never had children. I live in Maine next door to the house I grew up in. My niece now lives in that house. I am an accountant by trade. Love numbers. Okay boring you enough.