Seconds ticking away by jon_lip

Seconds ticking away

Today has been cold, dull, wet and just not a good day for venturing out! So, I was wondering what to put up for today's 365 when I thought I'd have a go at a long exposure. But what have I got indoors that is moving? Aha! the second hand on my watch. So here it is, all 5 seconds of it (between 9 & 10). Take no notice of the day or date dials, I can only see these when I'm wearing my glasses so I completely disregard them!'s great to have to be creative on a daily basis...So will you carry on when your 365 days are up? I can't decide what to do...
January 6th, 2018  
five seconds captured forever!
January 6th, 2018  
@daveymo Me neither. I find that some days I have things to get on with that are more important than 365. But what it does do is get me to think about photo opportunities in everyday situations. I've nearly finished my first year. Shall I do a second???? The jury's out ....
January 7th, 2018  
That was a super idea and it turned out beautifully! I vote you should continue :-)) What would you do with all your neat photos?? and the photography hobby will get put on the bottom of the important to do list - that is what would happen to me. Maybe just post when you really have something, and don't sweat the "every day" compulsion, that is what I think I will do.
January 8th, 2018  
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