Spacin’ zonin’  by jtsanto

Spacin’ zonin’

Every time Diego sees headphones, he announces their reason for being: “Music!” Yet I believe prior to this moment when he tried on the headphones I use for work with his “piepad,” he’d only once before worn headphones and it didn’t go all that well. In preparation for a new pair his mom bought him for his birthday, and for this summer when he’s got a couple plane rides to take, I strapped these big boys onto his head and I must say... he did well! Oh, and the title of this? Totally a Beastie Boys reference. Because I am a funky skull and a Scorpio. (Anecdote: I had to look up that lyric because I thought it forever was “funky southerner” and when I wrote it I was like, “wait, the Beasties were from Brooklyn.” So for twenty-plus years I had that wrong. And know what? Some random person wrote it the same way in a blog in 2005, so I was not alone.)
April 20th, 2019  
Sweet! Looks like he is ready for the "piepad." Which sounds delightful!
April 20th, 2019  
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