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This is my second year on 365. I'm very excited to have completed year one of 365 even though I posted in spurts. I plan to keep going because I still have so much to learn.

I live in the Texas and started my first 365 project after I got my first DSLR. I have a lot to learn about photography; I have taken several online classes and hands-on classes as well, but I still feel out of my element when I see some of the beautiful pictures out there. I try to put into practice everything I learn. I appreciate all comments and any CC that you have for me. I am finding that all of the people in this group are kind and encouraging, I will accept any tips on settings, composition, editing, etc. I have three grandchildren, so that is basically who I photograph. However, they love to hide when I pull the camera out and I basically bribe them to pose for me. I look forward to learning more from 365.