Cool picture.
posted November 28th, 2017  
wonderful. love this kind of photos
posted December 2nd, 2017  
@jerome Thanks, Jerome. I do too! :)
posted December 2nd, 2017  
@juliedduncan It is a pity that this kind of seeing and shaping is paid so little attention. There are qualities in this picture that emanate from the magic nature form itself; then the impressive play of sharp form and blurred background, the skillful balancing between light and dark (much more than just light and shadow); even the delicate nuance into sepia.
Very nice!
posted December 2nd, 2017  
@jerome Thank you, Jerome. My dad taught me to look at things closely, and it's carried over into my photography. He's 80 now, and he still says to me, "Come over here. I want you to look at this picture and tell me what you notice . . ." Such a blessing! :)
posted December 2nd, 2017  
@juliedduncan Yes, that is indeed a blessing... Wonderful what your father has given you... Wonderful how you carry this on...
This world needs such people: sensitive, attentive, watchful, mindful, attached to the beautiful...
posted December 2nd, 2017  
@jerome I've heard it called "beginner's mind." :)
posted December 3rd, 2017  
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