IMG_20231008_100820 by la_photographic


Very nice shot
October 13th, 2023  
OK. Again, sincere apologies for somehow missing the fact that 584 was in progress and we were paired. I'm glad I can partially make up for it by being partnered with you again. For your challenge, could you shoot something you have NEVER taken a picture of? Like most of us, you have your routines and things you have made photos of more than once -- such as the things seen from the train platform on your way to work, the shore near where you live in Holywood, street scenes or buildings in Belfast etc
It doesn't have to be something you've never SEEN before, just something you've never taken a photo of before. Extra points if your finished photo is in black and white. How does that sound?
October 15th, 2023  
@mcsiegle I will do my best - thanks.
October 15th, 2023  
@bkbinthecity Thank you bkb.
October 15th, 2023  
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