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Hi there, I live in Canberra, Australia, and I like to experiment with many different photographic styles & techniques, although I do have a soft spot for Australian birds, native terrestrial orchids, and occasionally some over the top post-processing! I really enjoy learning from everyone, seeing your worlds, and being inspired by the wonderful images and creativity on 365.

Two years with 365 has helped me get to know my camera like I never thought possible, and yet there are still so many things to learn.

Two quotes in the profiles of 365'ers have often been brought to mind during my project. @jodimuli quotes "Don't work with a viewer in mind, it is unhelpful" and the other is from @deens who has "Photography, like every other creative endeavour, exists in the tension between total self-indulgence and the need for understanding."
I have so often been caught between these two different points of view when considering if my shots are "good enough" to post.....

The fundamental lesson from 365 participation is 'learning' - from others, from my failures, from my improvements and hopefully from some occasional 'successes'.

Is persevering with the challenge tougher than I thought when I started - absolutely!
Is it far more rewarding than I thought when I started - absolutely!