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Hi there, I live in Canberra, Australia, and I like to experiment with many different photographic styles & techniques, although I do have a soft spot for Australian birds, native terrestrial orchids, and occasionally some over the top post-processing! I really enjoy learning from everyone, seeing your worlds, and being inspired by the wonderful images and creativity on 365.

And now 2015 is here... 2014 was such a busy year, and while I take photos every day - I have not even attempted to post them all while I am working toward balance in all things.

12th May 2014 was my 3 year anniversary with 365 - and in this time I have learnt to know my camera like I never thought possible, and yet there are still so many things to learn....

May 2012 - I did it ! I have deliberately left the two day I actually lost the images I had taken - not every project needs to be perfect!

Two quotes in the profiles of 365'ers have often been brought to mind during my project. @jodimuli quotes "Don't work with a viewer in mind, it is unhelpful" and the other is from @deens who has "Photography, like every other creative endeavour, exists in the tension between total self-indulgence and the need for understanding."
I have so often been caught between these two different points of view when considering if my shots are "good enough" to post.....

The fundamental lesson from 365 participation is 'learning' - from others, from my failures, from my improvements and hopefully from some occasional 'successes'.

Is persevering with the challenge tougher than I thought when I started - absolutely!
Is it far more rewarding than I thought when I started - absolutely!

May 2011 I tentatively start my 365 project. I am not the most comfortable social media participant, so I still remember the day someone followed me the first time! Wow you guys are awesome with your encouragement.