Sunrise and Sunset

At sunrise, I was in the ER with an infected finger. It was stuck by a thorn this weekend while gardening. Then at sunset it was raining.

This is SOOC or I would have cropped out the trim from the window at the top. I do like the light and tones through the window
I am reading this with an infected bandaged finger myself, so your post made me smile! :) I am unlucky in the way that it is exactly my shutter-button finger too! Get well soon.
posted September 6th, 2017  
A great shot, hope your fingers heals soon.
posted September 6th, 2017  
ooh nasty! Hope you're ok
posted September 6th, 2017  
Ouch!! Hope it heals quickly
posted September 6th, 2017  
Different but effective. Poor finger.
posted September 6th, 2017  
@vera365 I am so sorry to hear of your finger. Hope you recover soon.

@ludwigsdiana Thank you, it is doing much better today.

@jesperani Be thankful I didn't post one of the infection or incision. It will be fine.

@carolmw Thanks, it looks like it will.

@claudiet Yesterday's medications may have had an influence. ;-)
posted September 7th, 2017  
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