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I've come back to 365Project as of Nov '18. I've missed the drive that this site inspires/demands/requires. (The description changes depending on the day...!) I've missed the (sometimes forced) creativity that ultimately produces a photograph that I'm either happy with or disappointed by. The important thing though was that there was a picture that represented an accomplishment, an experience, a lesson learned. Not one single day has gone by since my last posted photo here in 2017 that I have not thought about 365. Not one. I was either thinking to myself, "There's a 365 pic opportunity" or wondering how each of you whom I'd come to know were doing. Why the absence? Time. A lack of time. And why the lack of time? Life. New adventures. New responsibilities. But I miss the photography part of my life so I'm signing back on with this wonderful 365 Community.

2014 was my first year on 365 and I'm proud to say I managed to take and post a picture every single day.

For my second Project (in 2015) I granted myself the option of posting a photo taken within a week's time of when it was taken. This allowed me to use more than just one picture from a long-distance adventure, something I couldn't take advantage of during my first project.

2016: I decided to take a break. I thought I'd just enjoying seeing the world without the task of trying to find a worthy photograph. But rarely did a day go by that I didn't say "That'd make a good picture for 365." so the Project was never far from mind. By mid-September I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to start up again come October 1st.

October 2017...
Life has so many demands though and I find myself struggling more each day to fit my 365 Project into the day. There's such mixed emotions in decided whether to stay or go...but I must go...

Original Profile Info:

A camera was the first thing I bought with money from my first full-time job as a youth. I've always found the hobby enticing. I joined 365 to make sure I didn't let a day go by without putting my current camera to use and to document the learning I hope is accomplished in 2014.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, (actually I was in grade school when I met him), am a mom to three grown sons, and zoo keeper to a pack of dogs (3 now instead of 4), a number of parrots, and two beastly llamas. I love animals, the outdoors — mountains in particular, snowy ones the best— and of course using cameras to see the world around me. I live in the USA, Illinois to be exact, where there happen to be no mountains and not enough snow. This 365 Project is going to require a real stretch of the imagination when it comes to taking an interesting picture each day for a whole year. I confess to feeling that where I live is majorly lacking in subject material but perhaps through new eyes, 365 eyes, I'll come to see things around me differently.