How low can you go? by manek43509

How low can you go?

This is the only photo I took today... So, good or no, it has to do!! (Also, it was taken on my phone camera, straight to TwitPic - so, low-quality shooting, with no editing...!)

Not much going on today, really... Only a couple of hours of work - I had a rehearsal with Axel and the band to run through some new material... That's been it, really...

I used a house kit, because I couldn't be bothered lugging mine through the snow... But I used my own snare drum, and snare drum stand - as I set up, I was struck by how long the previous drummer to use the kit had set everything... That snare drum is set at the height I normally have it - the ride cymbal on the house kit is below the snare drum, and the floor tom is so low that it was quite uncomfortable to reach down to it! The heads on the house drums felt horrible anyway, and the weird angles can't have helped with that at all!

So there ya' go...
This is actually a very good picture coming from your phone.
I've been thinking about taking some pictures of my brother's set, but I haven't ben able to get any good angles because of where it is in the room. I'm tempted to move it for my advantage.
February 11th, 2010  
Yeah, I was pretty pleased with how the phone coped!

I love photographing drumkits... But then, that could be something to do with being around them all the time in my work! Try taking some pictures of your brother's kit, Amelia - but if you're going to move anything around, probably best to ask him first!! ;)
February 11th, 2010  
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