Filby Broad by manek43509

Filby Broad

My sister has been doing a course to become a dinghy instructor - so I went to pick her up, and took some pictures of the broad... There was plenty of ice around... Presumably because it was cold...

I had a really good description for this photo... But silly website deleted it...
The horizon is captured really well :-) looks nice :-)
February 21st, 2010  
This photo needs no description other than "gorgeous.".
February 22nd, 2010  
It's near symmetry gives a great feeling of quiet solitude, but the rest provides interest that draws the eye in for more.
February 22nd, 2010  
Two 365'ers on the Broads! You found more beauty than me :-)
February 22nd, 2010  
February 22nd, 2010  
What a peaceful shot. lovely!
February 22nd, 2010  
Awesome! I love the mood in this. Makes me want to pick out a good ambient CD right now.
February 22nd, 2010  
Beautiful!!!! Looks like a very peaceful place!
February 22nd, 2010  
Wow, thanks for all the kind comments, everybody!!

@Cherrill whereabouts on the Broads are you from, then?
February 22nd, 2010  
We travel up to Norfolk on a regular basis from the Ipswich area to bird watch. Early drives up to the north coast are not uncommon! Yesterday we were around Strumpshaw Fen.
February 22nd, 2010  
Absolutely love this shot!!
February 22nd, 2010  

Strumpshaw Fen? I live, literally, two minutes from there!
February 22nd, 2010  
ahhh I love the mood in this, great pic :)
February 22nd, 2010  
This is really nice. Great job!
February 22nd, 2010  
Wow, gorgeous. It really draws you into it.
February 22nd, 2010  
Seems to be my most popular photo so far! Feel like I've set myself a high standard to beat now!

But thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments... :)
February 23rd, 2010  
February 26th, 2010  
Fantastic shot, really like this, added as a fav :)
February 27th, 2010  
I think I have seen a poster sold at IKEA that looks like this type of photo. Very beautiful and I would agree with you this is one of my favorites.
March 10th, 2010  
oh... i love this.
July 22nd, 2010  
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