A BRIGHT IDEA  by markp


I was wondering about what images I might enter into the Camera Club's upcoming monthly competition. In particular I was a bit stuck on the Record category, basically a factual, documentary, non arty image of a man made subject.
While thinking about this I remembered that one of the headlights had blown on the car, and went out to change the bulb.
As I was doing this, I had a Light Bulb moment, a real flash of inspiration, the image above is the result of my bright idea.

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After Lee's comment below, I have had another go at this shot, you can find the second version here.....

One that focus is spot on.
January 7th, 2017  
A flash of inspiration Mark, personally I would have used a white sheet of heavy card and bent it to create a seamless backdrop, like one would use in a Lightbox.
January 7th, 2017  
@gamelee Hmm, Thanks Lee, I might have a go at that, with this bulb again. I have used that technique before, but this time because I was using such a large f number, I had placed the backdrop quite a way back to throw it right out of focus.
I can see how it would look better with a solid coloured background though.
January 7th, 2017  
Great photo for your camera club entry
January 7th, 2017  
Excellent clarity.
January 8th, 2017  
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