I didn't need a bath, and I didn't fancy paddling.
So I just went for a lovely almost an hour and a half swim instead. Watching the monsters having fun in the water on Sunday, gave me the urge to swim again.
This is a large well known unofficial open water swimming venue. It has been used for years and years, decades in fact. I've seen photographs from the 1970s of people swimming here.
It's privately owned, but a lot of the land around it is common land with open access.
So it's extremely difficult to prevent people swimming.

I think this is a way of saying, this might be dangerous, if you go off and drown here, don't come back ( pretty difficult really), and sue us !!
We told you not too.

After some of todays way over the top Elf
& Hasty rules, I'll obey this one.
No bathing, no paddling !

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