Jemima M

Taken on Friday the 16th, filling backward a couple of days. This was out at the Ashland Cemetery, near the Konza Prairie where I was headed to take a photo walk. Even though Frank's grandparents and uncles are buried here, this stone is not a relative. I know nothing about these people except what is on the stone. But I love reading old stones and what they tell me about the people buried there.

This woman, Jemima M. Barclay, was a month short of being 24 when she died in early December 1882. Her son, Clarence, was only 11 months old when he died about two months after his mother. It makes me wonder more about them. I was in another cemetery last spring and saw a gravestone of a little girl who had died on her first birthday.
I too like looking at gravestones and wondering at the human stories behind the words. Your heart goes out to the young man left behind by this sad loss. A poignant picture.
posted January 19th, 2015  
I find cemeteries' fascinating, This is a great shot.
posted January 19th, 2015  
A very poignant composition.
posted January 19th, 2015  
Very beautiful photo and very sad story.
posted February 21st, 2015  
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