Moda Pelle Find by mozette

Moda Pelle Find

I was out looking for furniture for the home office renovation when I looked at the Vinnies next to a place nearby. Well, I spotted this handbag and couldn't believe it was my favourite brand!

What a find!
Great find
August 23rd, 2019  
@bkbinthecity I'm always amazed at what people toss out. This was hanging outside because I treated it with leather conditioner to keep it healthy. The guy I took it to couldn't believe where I found it either... he said that people throw out the most gorgeous things when those items just need a good polish or moisturise to bring them back to their former beauty. And Moda Pelle is an expensive brand too.
August 24th, 2019  
Great find Lyn
August 27th, 2019  
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