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I am a retired early childhood educator. I live in a log cabin with my husband,4 bunnies,a guinea pig and two cats.I garden,hike,watch wildlife,raise and foster butterflies,take care of my furry family
and enjoy photography.

My passion is nature and macro/closeup photography .( I enjoy finding small compositions in nature)
"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere." - Vincent Van Gogh

Thanks to 365,I have also learned to find beauty in the mundane.
โ€œCreativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.โ€ -Bill Moyers

Be sure to follow the group @madhatters ! I am honored to be a member of this creative and talented collective.( *We are currently taking a break)

In my daily life,I am a member of the Monarch Teacher Network.We are a group of teachers dedicated to helping educators bring nature into the lives of children.If you are a teacher or homeschool your children,please feel free to use any of the information on my site. http://www.misshope.org/

There are so many wonderful photographers to learn from on this site! I am inspired and encouraged every time I am here!This is a remarkable community of supportive people :)

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This is a link that allows you to check out any 365ers photographs have have made it to the Popular Page. It was created by the amazing @abirkill Just scroll to the bottom of mine and enter your own or anyone else's user name!

In an effort to keep improving and learning,I have taken a cue from some of the 365ers I admire and have begun keeping track of the results of my recent challenge activity here:

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Images that placed in the finals in various challenges

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You can find my photography page on Facebook