Day 114: 24-04-10 by naomi

Day 114: 24-04-10

Hello Mr Birdy :] Picture's a bit noisy but hey, these guys just don't stay still for long enough for me to sort all my camera settings xD I took about 10 of this bird and this was the only one in focus...:P Spent the day revising history with Bexon and Paul which was quite good and I played tennis this morning, now time for art, english and TV!
I love that bird's colors! [:
This is a very nice shot.
April 24th, 2010  
Great capture!
April 24th, 2010  
April 24th, 2010  
Great catch! Do you know what kind of bird it is? I like the coloring pattern on it
April 25th, 2010  
Very nice! It's nowhere near as noisy as mine :p pity i don't have the money for a new camera...
April 25th, 2010  
That sure is a beautiful bird!
April 25th, 2010  
Thanks everyone! xxx
April 25th, 2010  
That's a great shot. All the bad shots are worth it when you get the good one. Birds are a challenge to photograph. :)
April 26th, 2010  
Beautiful - I've never seen one like it before!
April 27th, 2010  
Great capture!!! Birds are so hard to photograph!
April 28th, 2010  
Beautiful! I have yet to take a good bird picture!
June 6th, 2010  
Yes a bit noisy but still a great shot.
December 29th, 2010  
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