Day 283: 10-10-10 by naomi

Day 283: 10-10-10

'And it takes some old to make you young
It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other'
I love that song :)

Another pjama day today. I'm honestly completely physically and mentally exhausted. I'm not happy with my art for this week but don't have the energy to do very much about it. I spent hours looking for a book I need earlier which I can't find and it's driving me crazy.

I was feeling utterly crap earlier. Was debating going to bed at about 4pm :') My head really doesn't like me right now :P I blogged a bit about what I was feeling...but it was more descriptive about stuff that I think about every day, anyway, loads of people have liked it or reblogged it, so I guess that's made me feel a little less alone :) ...there was a random story for you xD

...Apparently it's world mental health day today. We need to break the silence!!!!! There's so much stigma surrounding mental health, it's horrible, why is a mental illness any less of an illness then a cancer? Why is it so much harder for people to accept it? In the course of a year, 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health issues. That means that there is a very, very high chance that someone you know is suffering right now, and it will probably be the person who you least expect. We need to break down these walls and start giving people hope.

Really don't want to go to school tomorrow =/

I'm going to hopefully get an early night tonight...

[[SOOC apart from crop]]
Nice capture of holly. Love the bokeh you have created.
October 10th, 2010  
i love the sun shining through! this is a brilliant photo Naomi!
October 10th, 2010  
So beautiful!
October 10th, 2010  
Great photo...and I agree with your comments on breaking the silence. People are people...and we need to just accept them for who they are. I hope that you feel better tomorrow. Stay confident and positive!
October 10th, 2010  
Brilliant shot the edges of the holly leaves are beautiful
October 10th, 2010  
Beautiful shot! I work in mental health and you point out a challenging issue. Are you aware of NAMI? They are commited tp raising awareness and acceptance of mental health issues:
October 10th, 2010  
beautiful and dreamy!
October 11th, 2010  
beautiful, soft pic! Very nice.
October 11th, 2010  
sooc? be proud. this is stunning miss naomi.
sorry I have been soo bad at replying to comments.
I've been soooo busyyyyyy.
sorry you are feeling so exhausted too!!
Tomorrows another day :)
October 11th, 2010  
What a beautiful image, so sunny, but filled with fall's change! The bits of spider web were just the touch needed to elevate this above anothers'! I love the way you write and share your passion. I, too, saw Andie's very soul-bearing photo and topic, and I'm so supportive of anyone speaking up for this cause! Like you said, we don't have to look far to see someone dealing with a mental disorder, and its a pity anyone should have to suffer in silence!
October 11th, 2010  
October 11th, 2010  
The lighting in this picture is just breath taking - beautiful detail!
October 11th, 2010  
Pretty! I love the color tones.
October 12th, 2010  
Wow just beautiful! I love this and i think it just matches the way you were feeling too.
October 12th, 2010  
fabulous lighting!
October 12th, 2010  
really nice picture:)!!!
October 14th, 2010  
This picture makes me excited for Christmas! Love the happy glow!
October 15th, 2010  
Gorgeous lighting in this photo
October 16th, 2010  
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