Sigh by naomi


Dear depression, I am doing literally everything I can possibly do to manage you. Life has lobbed enough lemons at me lately, I really don't need any more. Please give me a break.
Get lost, Depression!! Thinking of you Naomi. Remember you are loved, beautiful and a sweet soul. Go outside (right now) and walk, run, stroll - take a few photos and love the earth.
October 16th, 2018  
Hang in there Naomi, there is a very trite saying "If life sends you lemons - make lemonade"! I guess the essence of that is a good message to work with. Chin up and do something that is just for you
October 16th, 2018  
I am thinking of all the things you've accomplished lately- getting back to work, enjoying family and friends, tasty treats you've had, a needlepoint you finished, documenting some of your journey in writing, opening your home and heart to your cat, and so much more. Knowing you've done those things makes me confident that you will conquer this too. You are bright, intelligent and resourceful and will work at it until you've found the best way to battle it and win. We're all rooting for you!
October 16th, 2018  
feel it fully.
October 16th, 2018  
There is alway`s a light at the end of the tunnel. Do n`t hang in it. I know, I`ve been trough it. My cure started when I did realise it`s in you mind only. Even how worse it can be.
October 16th, 2018  
Hold tight, you will get there
October 16th, 2018  
@365karly1 thank you
October 17th, 2018  
@365anne thank you - I crocheted all evening

@olivetreeann thank you. This helped so much. I realised that I'd only been out of hospital for 7 weeks and then sat down and wrote all of the things that have happened since then x
@kali66 sending you lots of love xxx
@pyrrhula thank you x
@craftymeg thank you x
October 17th, 2018  
@naomi I'm glad that it did Naomi and I pray for you as well. I am a great believer in the power of prayer and the One who answers them- even if it's not what I expect! While I am not dealing with something of the magnitude that you are, I understand the sentiment. I am only a week and a half into the healing process for my meniscus and I want to be running the marathon tomorrow! I have to remind myself that this is going to take a long time and I just have to be patient with it. So, keep that list going! Hugs from Pa.
October 18th, 2018  
I echo what @olivetreeann said. You have achieved so much. Don't let yourself tell you otherwise! Sending love.
October 21st, 2018  
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