HELP! Lightroom by newbank

HELP! Lightroom

Help, lightroom not working on my mac. It has suddenly decided that it can't import photos anymore. Any suggestions? I have space on my hard drive.
This is wonderful...

I haven't had that before --- I assume you have tried closing out of lightroom completely and restarting your computer?
August 4th, 2020  
adobe is wonderful with it's tech support if needed!
August 4th, 2020  
No idea Ruth, it’s way over the top of my limited skills! I used to be able to do a bit of it once many moons ago but these days a daily iPhone shot is my limit.
August 4th, 2020  
oh noooo sorry to hear that. hopefully someone on here can help. meanwhile that really is a beautiful dahlia :)
August 4th, 2020  
Super pov, petal details
August 4th, 2020  
Very nice. Can't help you with Lightroom or any other photo editing software... way beyond me! Even if I find help I can never understand the instructions which always seem to be written in a language that I can' follow. Mind you Macs have always felt intuitive and worth the extra cost but not my latest MacBook. My youngest has given up on them saying they are no longer worth the extra. I say that lest you think I'm just another oldie failing to grasp the technology! Which of course I am! :-)
August 4th, 2020  
Oh no... check if there are any updates . I just had that issue and after updating my computer ( check Lightroom as well) I had no longer those issues .
August 5th, 2020  
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