the iPad light

many have asked what i use to make the graphic patterns in my images... the answer is an iPad app called SoftBox Pro...

above are three screen grabs from the app...

on the left is the base showing the various patterns on the top, the framing on the bottom, and the colour options along the side...

the middle is one of the graphic patterns...

the right hand side gives an example of the framing... and colour... i rarely use the colours available in this app, but they do exist :)

i can't find a decent online explanation of this app and i can't set up a link to the iTunes store from my computer for some reason... but there is a flickr pool if you're interested (although i've never bothered to look thru it until now)...

many of my images where i used the iPad are here... in case you're interested...
Thanks for sharing, I wondered how did you did that.
posted March 26th, 2017  
very cool fav
posted March 26th, 2017  
It's an excellent app, lots of fun and quite handy for some "supplementary" light
posted March 26th, 2017  
I have loved all the pictures you have taken with these because you stayed true to you but still participated in the rainbow challenge.
posted March 26th, 2017  
Thanks for sharing. I shall have to research whether there's a similar app available for use on the laptop
posted March 26th, 2017  
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