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I began here on August 6, 2011 after being invited on a postcard I received from Mrs.Smith in postcrossing project. I have been fortunate to make real friends here in this virtual world. Friends who are as visual as I am, which is a treat since my family are musical and do not share my love of light and color and textures. They will look at a picture or two but never with enthusiasm at as many as I want to ooh and ah over.
I am a creative, wonderful, wacky woman; teacher, writer, Mom and wife, daughter and grandmother. I love children, travel, camping and hiking and I am addicted to reading and writing. I am a storyteller and a friend. Many people in my family have been adopted and I work with special needs children. I have written a trilogy of YA Fantasy Novels about Duffy Barkley, a time twisted novel of the Oregon Trail, and some children's picture books, one of which started as a 365 color challenge. I love to look for the beauty in this world and help others see it too.

My popular page pictures. Never know what will strike a chord and end up here https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=Pandorasecho

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