Seen Better Days

I believe this is an old wooden threshing machine left to rot in a field.
Oh my. That looks really old. I'm not even old enough to remember a threshing machine anything like this. Smile. It is a shame that was not preserved in some museum. It looks like it was a beauty in its day. It still make a wonderful phot. I think it would like good in black and white also.
posted August 15th, 2018  
What a great find. It looks like a giant sculpture. a lovely relic from times gone by.
posted August 16th, 2018  
@henrir Ha Ha Henri, these date back a long way and possible this one has not worked since the 1930's
Invented in 1786 by the Scottish engineer Andrew Meikle, The thresher, machine was used to separating wheat, peas, soybeans, and other small grain and seed crops from their chaff and straw:)
posted August 16th, 2018  
@onewing Thank you Babs, I was out looking for a landscape and noticed this some way off in a field, could not get that close hence the graining produced by over cropping the original image:)
posted August 16th, 2018  
It is a beauty anyway. There’s something about old wooden farm equipment that just pulls at the observer.
posted August 16th, 2018  
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