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I joined 365 Project in September of 2023. I joined mainly to appreciate other's photographs... but hope to revive the amateur photographer in me. My purpose is to share new photos from each day, as well as ones from the past that may be of interest.

All my life I liked to take photos to document special moments, or beautiful things. The things I find most beautiful are, Family, Friendships, Laughter and Children. I'm also in awe of nature and love when I can make a connection with it. For example, my husband likes playing music for animals, and it's so fun when they respond to it.

My husband knows much more about photography and editing so I hope to learn from him. He loves music and the ocean, and better yet, the two combined. He plays guitar, ukulele and steel pan drums. He can play almost any genre of music.

My trade is investing in little lives as a reading teacher. My hobbies are making succulent and flower arrangements and making photo collage cards for special people.

One of my favorite things to do is to meet new people and hear their stories and learn more about them. Big thanks to the two people who told me about this site... and a shout out to my dad and uncles who have been examples of excellent photographers. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your stories.

Thank you for welcoming my husband and I aboard this wonderful site. I am very thankful and humbled to be a part of it. Thank you for any views, likes and/or comments. I appreciate them and they make me want to strive to be better in everything.