His and Her Flu shots by peggysirk

His and Her Flu shots

Tom and I both got our flu shots this morning. Now off to something more fun...a lunch date with grandson Will.

Three Good Things:
1. Being flu proof
2. Reservations made at Ella & Ollie's (my favorite restaurant at the beach) for Friday night
3. An end to the unseasonably hot and humid weather in sight...hopefully
Good move Peggy, Harry & I had one too this year! After last winters flu episode I vowed never again! We had no side effects either! So much rain here floods all over! Schools closed etc but nothing in houses thank goodness!
October 11th, 2017  
@happypat I hope that you and Harry enjoy an illness-free winter, Pat!!! I get a flu shot every year. Only failed me once when the flu strain didn't match the vaccine that particular season. Flu = misery!!!
Your weather sounds dismal and treacherous!! I hate to think that Hurricane Ophelia might add to your misery next week. I'll be hoping it changes course before then. Be safe!
October 11th, 2017  
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