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Just over a month until my 1st anniversary of signing up to 365Project.

I've not manaaged to 'take' a photograph every day, but have (so far) managed to post a photograph every day. Really didn't think I'd manage to get this far. I've learnt so much about my camera and my abilities. I'm 'seeing' shots that I didn't see before (I'm actually looking at the world as if through a viewfinder these days) and I take the camera off Automatic more times than not these days and use the manual setting, playing with Av and T settings to see what comes out.

Still mid fifties, not aged that much in 10 months, ex HM Forces, living in Lincolnshire, UK, working in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire during the week.

Thanks to the views, comments and Favs from very kind people, I'm fortunate to have had some of my humble offerings make the Popular Page; Thank you.