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So, here we go with year two .......

I've not manaaged to 'take' a photograph every day, but have (so far) managed to post a photograph every day. Really didn't think I'd manage to get this far. I've learnt so much about my camera and my abilities. I'm 'seeing' shots that I didn't see before (I'm actually looking at the world as if through a viewfinder these days) and I take the camera off Automatic mode more times than not and use manual setting.

I started year one with a Canon PowerShot bridge, some 6 months in, graduated to a Canon EOS 750D cropped frame DSLR and then in March 2017, I upgraded again to a full frame Canon EOS 6D DSLR. Thoroughly enjoyed my 1st year and hope to continue to grow in year two.

Guess I'm late fifties now, ex HM Forces, living in Lincolnshire, UK, working in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire during the week.

Thanks to the views, comments and Favs from very kind people, I'm fortunate to have had some of my humble offerings make the Popular Page; Thank you.