Barbed Wire by philr

Barbed Wire

Outside Brighton Youth Centre, waiting for my son to finish skateboarding. With time on his hands, the 365 photographer's thoughts turn inexorably towards finding something rusty to photograph...
This is stunning! I love rust and barbed wire fencing!
May 25th, 2013  
I am a huge fan and seeker out of rusty things, so....FAV! Love the transition of the colours from bottom to top and the composition of the barbed wire. Fabulous. You need more exposure Phil, your photos are great. You should enter this in the EOTB9 challenge.
May 26th, 2013  
@salza @twistergirl Thank you both. @twistergirl - thanks also for the EOTB9 suggestion - I've added it to the thread. Confess I had to do a search to find out what on earth it meant ;-)
May 26th, 2013  
@philr Don't be afraid to ask. I'm still learning things - people are so kind and helpful on this site.
May 26th, 2013  
May 26th, 2013  
@philr @twistergirl I have done the same thing Phil as I am new to this also but the people on here are great as Doris said. BTW great shot!
May 27th, 2013  
Barbed wire + Youth Centre?! Interesting idea and great image.
May 29th, 2013  
very nice...
May 29th, 2013  
@x1nij @yarp @simonpz Thanks! I'm not quite sure *why* a youth centre would have barbed wire. Must be a rougher part of town than I thought...
May 30th, 2013  
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