Day Eleven by phmlq

Day Eleven

Well, not much happened on this day. I'm currently trying to write a short story for children (for a little contest I'd like to participate in). I already have a plot and some parts written, but I still need the feeling – the one thing you can't write without (or at least I can't write without).

It's doesn't always come naturally, sometimes you need to work on it. Especially when it comes to children story. So, I'm reading a lot of what were beloved stories of my childhood such as Moomins, The Little Prince and some others.

The hardest thing for me here is to find the border between something that a child couldn't understand and something that he or she is going to consider a dumb, icky story for two-years old. To make them feel like it's their friend's story and not something an arrogant adult wrote to teach them.

It's a challenge. Every time I try, it feels to me that writing for children is much harder than writing for adults and this kind of art is seriously underestimated (at least in Russia). But, well... it's only makes it more inspiring.
Lovely shot. nice choice of DOF.
Good luck finding the right inspiration for your story.
February 7th, 2020  
beautiful snow
February 7th, 2020  
This is very nice
February 8th, 2020  
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