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Jan 2023 I keep coming around! Still traveling and taking pics but not as much. We spend a lot of time in St Augustine, Savannah and the Tampa/St Pete area which is just down the road from Ocala. Also travel to Melbourne Florida to visit with our daughter Samantha. I was going to buy all new equipment last year (Nikon mirrorless Z9) but decided to stay with the older DSLR csmers bodies. I don't post much anymore but included just some of my websites below.

Sept 2020. I've been back, off and on, for the last few weeks. I find it harder to spend time here being retired and relatively healthy. So much to do and so little time but I will continue to try. My wife and I are traveling around the state of Florida in our Class-C RV. We wear masks as appropriate due to Covid but most of Florida is open! I am working on re-processing my 10,000 pics or so and hosting them on Smugmug. Between frequent naps and drinking cold sake, I'm not making a lot of progress. All the best! Come visit Florida!

Dec 02 2019. I’ll be taking a leave this week as we will be on holiday. I will likely be back in 6 weeks or so, may be a little longer or shorter. First I want to thank everyone for helping me get back into photography. I’ve had 4 surgeries in the last 8 months and it’s been a difficult time for me. You and 365 have helped me get back on my feet and into enjoying photography again as well as meeting new/seeing old friends. You’ve all been gracious in accepting me back each time I disappear and reappear!! You all have an open invitation to come by and visit if you’re ever in central Florida.

Hello 365 (Aug 2019). I haven't been here for a couple of years again. I have recently retired from Lockheed-Martin at Cape Canaveral Florida. Unfornately I have spent the last 7 months recovering from 3 surgeries. Nothing life threatening but quality of life threatening. Hoping recovery is just around the corner. My previous photos are gone but I hope to fill in some blanks when I can.

Just a learning photographer living in Melbourne Florida. I am an unusual 365er. I started my first "project" in April 2010 as bill_d with my daughter Samantha helping me pick my photos. I have been absent for a while but found that I missed the interaction with fellow photographers around the world. I’m now known as PhotoCrazy but if you knew me you’d probably recognize my pics!! I generally post a pic a day but it can be any photo over the last 2 years that catches my attention. I have folders of pix from 12 months ago that I still haven't processed. Bill Dodsworth.