Celebrating Photography Day!  by princessicajessica

Celebrating Photography Day!

The fifteenth of June is Photography Day! I had a few ideas about how to celebrate this one, but this is what I went with in the end.

This little thing is something I bought for Chris on Etsy one time-- a keychain made from a recycled film... roll? I'm not sure what to call it because it's just the housing/mechanism that's old! The inside "film" portion is a translucent strip that's printed with photos taken by me (20, I think it is, definitely not 36 like the original film would've been).

Taking pictures of natural/accidental hearts has kind of been "my thing" for a long time now, and when the gift was given Chris was going through a bit of a hard time, so I filled his roll-of-film keychain with some of those photos-- snapshots of chance moments from our life together to remind him that "love is all around us." That's the tag/title I always use with my heart photos, but sadly, that phrase way exceeded the character limit for the little tab so this time I went with the rough Latin translation Amor Ubique-- Love is Everywhere, or just Love Everywhere.

Chris has asked me to use this for a daily photo in the past, but I said I didn't know how to photograph it. You don't get a very clear view of many of the hearts this way, but hopefully it still gives a good enough impression!
That’s absolutely gorgeous!
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