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Year 2 begins! Re-reading my original intro, I am pleased to say I have made progress on several fronts. I am learning about the camera - even working in Manual sometimes - and Callum is the first of my 10 dogs over the years that I have actually managed to get some good photos of! I am always looking at thing with their photogenic qualities in mind and this new year's resolution is to NEVER leave the house without a camera!

I have just joined the 365 Project thanks to my friend, another keen photographer. I am finding it addictive and can't wait for the next day to go out and look for photo opportunities. I live in Kent and enjoy photographing landscapes, plants and skies while walking my dog. Rarely do I get a good shot of him - he never stops! I also love architecture and am always on the look out for a different slant on buildings. I hope to improve my skills and learn about all the features on my camera.

So far, I am blown away by so many of the photos I have seen!