Vinnie by rrt


I took this pic several years ago. Vinnie is a very good friend of mine.
I was saddened to find out a couple weeks ago that he has stage two bone marrow cancer. He was given about six months, unless the meds, and kemo, and being able to go into the stemcell replacement,
program work to give him another chance. For thoses of you out there pray, please pray for him, his wife, and twin 16 year old boys.
I want to thank you in advance for doing so.
Richard, I am hoping your friend battles royal and over comes his cancer..
December 22nd, 2011  

Oh Richard - thoughts and prayers with you all ! make him a print of this to help him focus on strength and happiness

December 22nd, 2011  
@nikkers @glyn Thank you both, I put this on the discussion board and have already gotten very nice responces, after a couple of days I plan to send him the site. Thank you again
December 22nd, 2011  
Richard, I am so sorry to hear this news. I will of course pray for him and his family and hope he gets through this.
December 22nd, 2011  
@nikkers @glyn @cookie123 many thanks to each of you
December 23rd, 2011  
@rrt . it will be a long battle for him and his family and friends... all the support he can get.. he will need.. take care of you.
December 23rd, 2011  
Sad news...hugs
December 23rd, 2011  
As I posted earlier, Richard, I will be praying for Vinnie. We will pray and God will do the work. Have faith and trust in the great Healer.
December 25th, 2011  
so sad---will add him to my prayers
December 26th, 2011  
How is Vinnie doing . . would love to hear anything that you can share about his progress, Richard.
December 28th, 2011  
Keeping up the prayers for VInnie.
December 28th, 2011  
@karenann He has good and bad days as could be expected. Discouragement is a real foe for him. I try to encourage him about the Lord. His comment to me was "it is hard to look for the light when there is so much darkness" very understandable
January 3rd, 2012  
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