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I live in Tauranga, New Zealand and am happiest outdoors. My Canon M50 and Pixel2 phone are the only cameras I use and don't do much with pictures after they are taken, only because I don't know how. My focus is to fully understand my camera.

The get-pushed challenges and taking one photo at a time is how I hope to improve. I'm open for comments or ideas to improve the photos in my project and have started my first ever photographers learning (AYWMC year June 2020). I do have good memories travelling with my old Nikon film kit and working as a school portrait photographer.

My get pushed challenges to date have been:

415 Select an object/flower, whatever you like, and shoot from an unusual perspective  
414 A high key, white on white, with minimal processing (W)
413 Use leading lines to draw the viewers eye to a focal point
412 A photo with circle shape as a main feature
411 Take a black and white photo. You can do this in camera or convert during editing
410 Build a still life with at least 5 objects and take a photograph by natural light
409 Either a low key or high key shot (F)
408 Use intentional camera movement ICM (F)
407 A blue hour shot
406 Use negative space as part of the composition (F)
405 An interior room
404 A flat lay (W)

Thanks for stopping by.