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I live just northwest of Washington, DC in the state of Maryland. I have worked for an Information Technology consulting services company (Software Consortium) since 2003. I gained an appreciation for photography while working for the National Geographic Society for 22 years, the first 8 of which were in their photo library.

Still love striving for that perfect photo which never comes because it is all about the journey, not the destination.... AND ... we can all look at the exact same thing but "see" it differently.

I mostly use a Canon EOS 7D but also have a rugged waterproof point-and-shoot for extreme conditions and my trusty Samsung Note 4 camera phone.


I completed my first year here in early May 2014. After taking a 4-month break, I started my second year September 1, 2014. I learned that with the time needed to family, work, and life in general that I cannot keep up with all of my friends and connections here.

For year #2, I will comment when I can and vow not to worry about feeling guilty when I can't (as I did much of year #1). This is such a supportive and talented community and I know we all have these sorts of challenges.


I started year 3 on 10/18/2015 after a brief break. Hoping to complete this year with a slight bit more emphasis on B&W as well as use of my Samsung Note 4 phone camera. Still somewhat bothered by not being able to view and comment on all of my followers' images but I'm hoping everyone understands and certainly don't expect everyone to view and comment on mine.

PROJECT ENDING (10/31/2016):
After completing year #3 on 10/17/16, I continued uploading a daily image through 10/31/2016. I decided to stop after 3 years mostly because I was completely unable to comment on others' images and also because while I'm still working full-time at a demanding (but fun) job, it is difficult to put the amount of time daily that I would like into capturing and processing quality images.

If anyone wishes to contact me, you can search me (Scott Bolden) on Facebook and send a friend request or email me at msbolden@gmail.com. I also post occasionally on a Facebook group called "Celebrate What's Right With The World".