Where have all the yachts gone?

Far far away?
The marina seems kind of empty today, not to mention dark and stormy.

There was a freezing cold, and wintery wind today when I took my dogs walking, in between going to the bank to deal with Estate stuff, and getting to the office to take over at noon. It's kind of busy cramming everything into a morning, but at least they got their walk (despite the cold wet weather), and Tug got his overdue bath with antibacterial shampoo ...
And oops I forgot it was supposed to be YOTD Monday ... well not really, but it just got too rushed to get back and bath Tug before going to the office.
Do the yachts find warmer climes in the winter?
posted May 21st, 2018  
I would have thought with stormy weather approaching, they’d stay in the marina?
Sounds like life is very busy Desi!
It might be YOTD Tuesday this week instead 😉
posted May 22nd, 2018  
Maybe they have sailed north for some warmer weather!! ? Spain
posted May 22nd, 2018  
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