Pinfold by seanoneill


We have a Pinfold in our village.

In older times,stray animals were kept there and their owners had to pay a fine to get their animals back.

East Leake's Pinfold has been preserved as a Memorial Garden.
Interesting! You've had me looking up the etymology of it to see if it's related to Pinderfields (which it is!). From the Saxon 'Pundfald' - an enclosure. :)
February 26th, 2021  
Lots of great textures. That Ivy's making a come back.
February 26th, 2021  
Nice shot
February 26th, 2021  
We have one too in our village. It’s a round stone enclosure with a gate in it but it also up to today had a small red bricked two storey building attached to it. I always thought both went together but today as I drove past I discovered the brick building has been knocked down today to make way for a road to a small development of houses. We are all shocked. The pinfold couldn’t be removed but we all thought they were one & the same. Progress I don’t think!
February 26th, 2021  
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