Diana by snowy


This is my face of a 'certain age'. Notice the carefully arranged shadow hopefully minimising my 'laughter lines'!!
So nice to see some of the scenery in your previous pics. From your descriptions I glean that you are in N. Wales. Now it is nice to see you aren't shy like many of us o this site.
April 17th, 2010  
You have beautiful seyes and remind me a great deal of my college roommate (and still best friend). I'm delighted you joined our merry band for this theme!

Please let Helen know she's been missed this past week. I hope all's well...
April 17th, 2010  
Hi mum not sure if you got my last message? We are still stranded in KL but not so bad as in hotel but would like to get home now!
April 18th, 2010  
Love this photo.
And I think wrinkles are marvelously beautiful!
They represent a hundred million laughs and memories.
Which is something to be cherished, afterall.

And, I said to my husband the other day...
Do you notice that the "Hollywood" types, the ones who go overboard with the plastic surgery... the eyes, the cheek implants ( seriously?) and the lips....never seem to work anymore?
Do you think they ever learn?
April 18th, 2010  
hi momi, I'm following you!! Hope you like my picture and will follow me? yay yippee yay, this sure is fun ain't it!! love Jane x
April 18th, 2010  
Welcome aboard Honey
April 18th, 2010  
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