Ludlow castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sad Marion de la Bruyere, who loved an enemy of the castles' lord. Late one evening Marion agreed to meet her knight. To do this she lowered a rope from the high tower to meet him only to be betrayed by him leaving the rope for his friends to invade the castle. Realising the situation she snatched her lovers sword and cut his throat and then in her grief she threw herself from the tower onto the rocks below. It is said that on a quiet evening at dusk her ghost can be seen in the Tower
Oooooh....this is a very eerie shot...excellent processing, Diana! Now on to my thoughts on your story...Marion did the right thing in slaying the lover who betrayed her, but gee...she shouldn't have jumped to her man is worth that! LOL
June 11th, 2010  
At first glance, I thought you had an ice sculpture here! What a gorgeous place! This is every tourists dream! To think you live "in the neighborhood"!
June 12th, 2010  
Eerie indeed, but poor Marion ............. arrghhh these men!
June 12th, 2010  
That's spooky mum!! Learning so much, never heard of that Marion only Robin Hood's Maid Marion! I agree with Karen!
June 12th, 2010  
So interesting your Ludlow pieces of history Diana!
June 14th, 2010  
What an incrediable photo, and a sad tale, but she righted the wrong done so good for her!
June 15th, 2010  
Thank you. I am having a lovely time going back through your photos. I want castles, I want ghosts, I want an English country garden, I want, I want, I want!
June 28th, 2010  
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