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Hi there, I am Manon from the Netherlands, I love tramping, camping, campfires, coffee and taking pictures (not necessarily in that order).

Today I was thinking about starting a 365 project (looking for fun, creativity and a challenge) and found this site just now. I decided to dive in head first. Sitting behind my computer to edit or adjust is not my cup of tea, so the shot must be good enough with a little cropping and maybe a BW filter or a bit (more or less) saturation. When I go on a holiday, I typically go off-grid and off-line, so there will be a delay in my timeline at some point.

Thank for visiting my page. I might not always reply in the feed under my image but I will definately read and appreciate your comment(s) and visit your profile to admire your photo's. Thanks all for your sharing your thoughts, it feels like a warm bath!

Fastforward to 2023: haven't been posting in a long long time, but I still take photo's daily. So why not post one each day? I don't know the answer, life happens I guess. Will attempt one year aroin, just s.o.c. and daily life photographs. Also try to keep up the weekly selfies @fiveplustwo
At awe of how so many of you have not skipped a day since I started following you... such dedication and inspiration. Love it.