Happy Birthday To Me by sulicu

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday was perfect. I was able to get away to Niagara Falls with the two most important people to me. That's all anyone really needs. I got a lot more though. The day started off with beautiful spring-like weather (with a warmish wind) and breakfast at IHOP (no, not healthy). Then it was off to Buffalo for shopping. Poor Bernard. He was a trooper though. We hit an outlet mall (and bought nothing!), the regular mall and then Target. All three of us managed to walk away with new clothes ... and Bernard remembered to snag us some York Mint Pieces. No wait at the border and an incredibly nice agent, to boot. As a side note, every single place we went ... someone commented on Seraphina being a "cutie" or a "princess". She really played up the angel-factor for my birthday.

Back at the hotel we decided on a late dinner at Macaroni Grill. Mine consisted of shrimp rotini and a Bellini ... yum. After that we walked around the shops outside of the Casino in Niagara Falls. Back to the room ...

We managed to get Seraphina to bed after some struggles (two nights in a row that she was up past 10pm ... oops!). I opened presents from my grandma & best friend (love you both!). And after that, surprises for me :) Bernard let me have a bubble bath in the huge jacuzzi tub, surprised me with champagne and then I saw the candles he smuggled into the room. Then it was massage time. I think I fell asleep a couple times from the pure bliss. I think he understood.

With all of these wonderful things to tell, I was stuck on a photo for the day. When I first crossed the border into the States I was going to snap a picture of one of the boarded up buildings or sad-looking houses with sofas on the porch. I was really struck by the state some of the neighbourhoods are now in. And of course, with my child being the apple of my eye, I thought of taking a photo of her. I also considered snapping something in Target. Then there was the sights in Niagara Falls.

I finally decided on the moon. I don't know how to work the camera properly to take a picture of the magnificence of the full moon that night. This will have to do (it's kind of funky anyhow). Why did I decide on that though? I have a funny relationship with the moon. This picture was mainly because of It's A Wonderful Life. George asks Jane what she would like ... he'll get anything for her ... if she wants the moon, he'll lasso it and bring it down to earth for her. I'm pretty sure Bernard would do that for me, too. He's already lassoed the moon for me ... he just didn't know it and I never asked him to. We're that made for each other :)
By the way, I know 100% it's *Mary* in It's A Wonderful Life ... I wrote this when I was incredibly tired. I must have been thinking of The Jetsons at the same time ;)
February 21st, 2011  
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