baby you can drive my car

for week 2 of the 52-week challenge, SOOC is the challenge. not exactly compelling as was the requirement but apart from the poor pedestrians slipping and sliding on walkways and sidewalks as we're being battered by snow, sleet, ice and rain, along with heavy winds, compelling is not exactly something one might want to capture.

in any case, padraigh penwyn loves the cold, he of the arctic variety anyway, so he takes out his car and took his woman for a drive before the snow came. as you know he has a preference for japanese eraser dolls so...

the beatles:


not so fast, you!

there's a tag challenge that's going on right now, check it out and put in an entry, if you are so inclined:
Awwwww - sweet! Love that car, btw!
posted January 11th, 2017  
Looks like they are still waiting for the driver. Great sooc
posted January 11th, 2017  
Love this playful horseless carriage. But now the song will be in my mind's ear.
posted January 11th, 2017  
Very clever and amazing SOOC! That little car is so cool too! I was browsing the local antiques mall and came close to buying some similar little items. May just have to head back there now.

Your note on my mission shot just popped up in the midst of my tying away here. Wow, high praise! I'm so pleased with your kind words. Now I have to take back that crack about pooping Canadians....sulking away with tail between legs. FWIW, that antiques mall is just outside of the SJC mission - even more reason to return!
posted January 11th, 2017  
@stray_shooter - can i steal that photo so i can layer in a selfie? :-D
posted January 11th, 2017  
@summerfield Certainly - along with a few swallows of course!
posted January 11th, 2017  
Fun capture!
posted January 11th, 2017  
Fab whiteness
posted January 11th, 2017  
I love the simplicity of it... and the song!
posted January 12th, 2017  
Cool car and capture
posted January 12th, 2017  
Hahaha I love this! Such a nice vintage car he has there!
posted January 12th, 2017  
Cuteness, fav
posted January 13th, 2017  
Amazing my friend you are so creative. FAV
posted January 14th, 2017  
Fun- the Critters et al have been telling me I should take some photos of them. When they see this they'll really get on my case!
posted January 15th, 2017  
So cute! You're so creative.
posted January 17th, 2017  
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