do you see what i see? by summerfield

do you see what i see?

there's a man in hat and suit inside my pen holder. how strange!

you might want to put in an entry for the mundane challenge. never mind the figurine but you can do something like this with one of the pens out of the pen holder, or with props like a pencil sharpener if you would put a few pencils in the holder. go on, ask me for ideas whilst it's free.🤣

seven more working days, then i'll be not working anymore but still getting paid. that's how i like to think what retirement is.
Oooh spill those ideas!
June 18th, 2024  
Creative and so fun!
June 18th, 2024  
So cool Vikki!
June 18th, 2024  
Look at you coming up with all kinds of creative ideas! This one is cute.

I’m so excited for you and your retirement
June 18th, 2024  
is this a photographic metaphor for you trying to retire?
June 19th, 2024  
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