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It's been about a year and a half (maybe longer, I lose track of time) since starting 365. While I don't get a photo in everyday, it certainly has kept me using my camera more often. It has definitely helped me gain more confidence in shooting in manual mode. I love all the sources of inspiration on the site, from photos, photographers, and the various themes and competitions. I look forward to learning more this year, and improving my own work. One of these years, I might even manage to actually do a full 365.

I live in southwest Michigan, which means we get four defined seasons. My preference is outdoor photography, and it gives me a good reason to explore new places. I've made a goal of visiting the different land preserves in the region. I'm thankful to have a husband that will go to different places with me, and allows himself to be my subject occasionally. I recently updated my camera to a Canon 80D, and he has started using my older Rebel. Maybe one day, he'll join 365 as well.