Angels by swillinbillyflynn


I often wonder about angels. For those wings to work, there would be a huge amount of extra bones, tendons and muscles that would make them a pretty weird shape....... So the wings must just be decorative................ So it is obviously not their wings that allow them to fly, and I assume that they use some sort of heavenly angelic magic to fly down from heaven to earth. If that is the case then why bother with the wings.

No offence intended towards my religious followers, but these things bother me.

I must confess religion is just beyond me.
Religion not necessary to be spiritual. I remember a TV show, ages ago, that showed the anatomy needed by an angel to fly, statues it seems are not accurate! Just remember "Don't Blink"!
December 3rd, 2021  
The wings improve the composition and thanks to them you can hide the ugly background. Beautiful handwork in wood.
December 4th, 2021  
Lovely carvings
December 4th, 2021  
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