Dolores and Fergus.  by swillinbillyflynn

Dolores and Fergus.

They make a handsome couple I thought.

And in other news..................

I have absolute, concrete and irrefutable evidence that the moon landings didn't actually happen and were a hoax.

My evidence is the USB cable. Like most of you (go on admit it), when plugging in a USB cable I always go through the following ritual.
1. Try to plug it in..... it doesn't fit.
2. You turn it over..... it doesn't fit.
3. You turn it back over..... it doesn't fit,
4. you use up your entire stock of expletives.
5. You peer at the end of the cable
6. You squint at the socket
7. You invent a whole series of new and creative profanities
8. You turn it over again
9. You timidly offer the cable to the socket and wiggle it gently
10. the cable magically fits this time
11. Shout "At f***ing last" while doing a little happy dance.

And as for the myriad of cables with all those little mini/micro/muppetry/wankerage plugs on the end...... there are about 600 different variations........... and even if you manage to fit one of these little buggers into the socket, it doesn't work because it isn't wired up right for the device you are plugging it into.

So the only conclusion I can draw from all of this is, that if we really had the technology to put a man on the moon back in the 1960's.......... how did we end up with such ill conceived, useless, bloody technology as the USB cable.

I rest my case.

To be honest these days, if I can't connect to it with a set of phono leads or a 1/4 inch jack, I ain't interested.
so good, perfect names
January 24th, 2022  
Oh dear, bad day???
January 24th, 2022  
I fully, completely, wholeheartedly agree...
January 24th, 2022  
A beautiful couple and not without a connection.
January 24th, 2022  
Oh I did laugh so much!
January 25th, 2022  
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