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Hello, I’m Lesley and live in the Heart of England.

I will attempt to upload a photo most days, if only to remind myself how lucky I am to be alive in this amazing world. I only have an iPhone at the moment, but I am enjoying learning its great camera features. Most of my shots will be SOOC, although I am trying to experiment with some interesting processing apps.

I really appreciate all your comments and especially your tips, but I know how busy we are and how difficult it is to keep up on here, so please don’t feel you need to comment. Im super-happy too when anyone just fav’s my photos.

I do enjoy looking at all of the wonderfully creative photos that you all upload, and I’m learning so much from you.

I’m up to five albums on here now so have decided to use the new one to host photos I took before I joined 365. I imagine that most will be triggered by something I saw or heard during the day, and will serve as a reminder of simpler times.