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Finally got into year 2! Comments and suggestions are much appreciated! I skipped some weeks last year because I underestimated how much work had to be done for university and because I sometimes didn't want to show my results. For my seond year I hope to do better.

My first year at 365.
I'm a student of Eastern European History living in Munich, Germany.
I take my pictures with two system cameras, a Samsung NX 3000 and a Nikon P 7000. The Nikon was first, I got it as a christmas present in 2011, because I always used other people's cameras and ruined their battery. Two years later, I got the Samsung camera, also as a christmas present, because it was really inconvenient to focus manually with the Nikon and I constantly complained. I took a lot of pictures, but I had no clue about techniques. I did a lot of try and error and now I know little more, but I'm crossing my fingers that I'll find the time and attend some class this year to learn more.