balance by vankrey


In my opinion, this seating area of our hotel along the Oirase River is perfection. Balance, lighting, color palette, materials.
The title says it all -- this is the epitome of balance.
February 27th, 2020  
This brings back so many great memories. I like how this picture captures the scale of the room and how the warm colors contrast the cold outside.
February 27th, 2020  
Your title and narrative capture what makes this image work -- and @evanb is so right in his assessment of scale, and the contrast of warm and cold.
February 28th, 2020  
beautiful !
March 11th, 2020  
Very impressive photo. This wide angle is very powerful. I see you have this iPhone with the 3 camera system. Really amazing what these flat things do nowadays. Nothing in the photo is "eaten up" by the light. In such interior photos, a view from the window is usually totally over-illuminated (either the interior swallowed up by the dark or the exterior flooded with light). Truly amazing. Did you do post-processing?
Is it winter outside? - It looks like trees in the snow.
The color of the picture is beautifully composed with these warm tones in contrast to the cool colors in the outdoor area.
April 19th, 2020  
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